Transformation of two bedroom drafty/dingy/pokey terrace house into spacious three bedroom light filled sustainable home.  Includes two new bathrooms and open plan living areas opening up to the north facing garden.

Challenges & Solutions:

  • Access issues - construction techniques kept simple and lightweight.
  • Heritage controls - low roof over kitchen provides separation between old and new.
  • Busy client living interstate - project management systems used to keep client informed of progress during construction.
  • Small side setbacks/close proximity to neighbours - raked roof slopes down to the west to protecting adjoining yard and windows from over shadowing. 
  • Tight budget but high end finishes sought - simple construction techniques and reconfiguration of existing spaces provide bang for buck freeing up budget for internal finishes and fittings,
  • Dark house - eastern clerestorey windows capture light over high adjoining building, large new northern windows.  Judiciously placed western windows shaded by vegetation.
  • Hot in summer cold in winter (existing house rated at 0 stars) - high specification insulation to old and new sections of house, double glazing, draft sealed windows and doors, external shading to east and north.