Single storey extension with dramatic double hip butterfly roof in North Fitzroy.

Stage: Planning permit obtained.  Estimated completion, Spring/Summer 2017.

Challenges and solutions:

  •  investment property, priority to maximise resale value - the budget was focused on the dramatic butterfly roof to the new living areas providing  maximum bang for buck in terms of "wow factor".  Clever layout of new areas avoided costly re-configuration of existing rooms.
  • Heritage and planning restrictions - early consultation with neighbours avoided costly redesign during the design process and objections during the planning application.  Separation of old and new built forms ensured council support.  The project was approved by Yarra City Council without objections of permit conditions.
  • Retention and recycling of building fabric -  extending the double brick wall and windows of the original Victorian building into the new living areas cost effectively minimised waste and capitalised on the charm and character of the existing house.   
  • Dark & Cold house - the existing south west oriented building had poor light and little opportunity for passive solar design.  A new north/east clerestory window floods new living areas with light and allows for passive heating.
  • Sustainable design - the new sections of the house have high specification glazing and insulation and the insulation to the existing house upgraded. Water tank and efficient new instantaneous hot water included as part of the works.